California Polytechnic State Univ.   Thesis B. Architecture
Berlin, DE  The German capital, behind a modern gentrified facade, hides a rich history of underground street art. This thesis moves to expose the city to its own roots of artistic expression by using circulation paths to bring residents to opportunities for artistic expression, whether a public ampitheather, digital performances, or a traditional performing arts center.​​​​​​​
The site north of S. Friedrichstraße, currently vacant, is appropriate for the project, being home to a Kunsthaus housing renegade artistic types.
Conceptual woodwork; an explorer probes an unknown, featureless entity, to reveal it is dynamic and multi-faceted on the inside. Such is the idea of delving behind Berlin's modern facade to its hidden street art culture.
Adjacent road circulation (pedestrian and bicycle) is rerouted through the site; the resulting shopping avenue is visually altered via elevation and facade changes to highlight new artistic functions at the center.
Paths converging at different heights reveal artistic opportunities.
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