Independent competition entry
Kowloon, HK   Hong Kong is known for its urban density and vibrant, neon-lit cityscape, but food production is an inherent problem on an island city-state with chronic shortage of space. Integrating the concept of vertical farming with residential towers could offer a long-term solution.
Two dual apartment towers are broken up (and connected) by a grid-like vertical farm structure in the middle. Along its central axis are footbridges connecting the two towers; on each side are modular growing pods. Along the outer facade are rail lines carrying automated drones for the quick planting, growing, and harvest of crops.
Harvested produce is brought down to the packing room on the first floor (yellow) to be cleaned and packaged for resale. They are then brought via conveyor belt down to the organic market on the ground floor in a very visible fashion, in order to highlight the Farm to Fork process.
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