Technische Universität Berlin   M.Sc. Architecture
Istanbul, TR  The studio is situated in Istanbul's Golden Horn district, a cultural and tourist hotspot but blighted with the concrete lot that is the Eminönü bus and ferry terminal. It bisects the waterfront from the road to the waterline, hampering pedestrian movement.
The chaos of an existing bus and ferry terminal disrupts the otherwise perfect tourisic waterfront locale in Istanbul's Golden Horn. This Thesis raises all transit functions above ground and unifies it into a distinct cylindrical form, preserving the ground level as green space for pedestrians. Interchanging commuters from the ferries proceed directly upstairs to bus decks above.​​​​​​​
Existing condition: Eminönü transit terminal draws constant bus traffic through the site, a massive concrete lot. As a tourist area this conveys an almost hostile atmosphere for tourists. The proposed design will lift all transit functions in the upper levels of a new, uniform volume, freeing the street level for all pedestrians.​​​​​​​
As the stairs cross each other mid-air in the atrium, it was optimal for the room functions in the 2. and 3. stories to swap. Commuters at the lower bus deck cross the atrium to the upper bus deck on the other side - and vice versa.
Project working model, 1:300
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