Technische Universität Berlin
Berlin, DE  The studio is split into two parts: First is research of a building material (for our group, concrete) and innovative development into a modular Building Kit.
Second is development of a residential complex on the outskirts of Berlin using the same Building Kit, with emphasis towards modularity and adaptability across sites.
Group project with 4 participants.
Part one was acquainting ourselves with the process of cement production and the material's strengths and weaknesses. Thus we could create a Building Kit of sorts to maximize a design's capabilities.
Research: concrete production
Developed Building Kit: modular concrete elements
We developed a dynamic concrete mould (via plywood and screws) as prototype for the production of curved modular concrete panels. We were able to cast and cure our own panel with it as proof of concept.
Part two involved utilizing the concrete Building Kit and variety of modular pieces and creating a prototype residential quarter in Staaken, on the outskirts of Berlin. Use of modular, interchangeable pieces allowed the design to be quickly adaptable yet interesting and dynamic.
Layout of our design of an apartment complex in Staaken, Berlin was radial, partly to accommodate a social center and public plaza, and partly to facilitate ease of construction and maintenance.
Exemplar slice of the complex as constructed via the Building Kit.
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